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Get Height Of Chair Rail Gif. What's the correct height for chair rail and wainscot? If chair heights don't matter, simply divide the height of your ceiling by three, then install the rail at the top of the lower third.

Height Of Chair Rail For Wainscotting
Height Of Chair Rail For Wainscotting from
Many people think that 36 inches is the proper height of a chair rail in a typical home. An added benefit is that a chair rail imparts a designer touch to your home without installation heights for chair rail can vary, but the standard height is 1/3 the height of the wall. Chairs and chair rail may sound like they have a lot in common, but the relationship is limited to their approximate heights.

A rail is meant to cap the top of a room's dado, or wainscoting, and to keep a it is not a belt whose placement changes with the height of the person wearing it.

It acts as protection from furniture damage to your wall and also serves as a dramatic design. Where to buy cheap chair rail height? Gary katz, editor of thisiscarpentry and a presenter at jlc live, responds: I have applied chair rail 54″ off the floor on a 9 foot wall that had bead board below it… why?