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Animal Crossing Blathers. Blathers first appeared in Animal Forest+ and has appeared in every Animal Crossing series game since. Here's how to help Blathers set up his museum. my animal crossing character, heelying into the museum wearing sunglasses and holding a pina colada in one hand and an enormous bug in the other: blathers, you're not gonna fucking believe this The Animal Crossing: New Horizons museum is a place of wonder and sleepy owls in the daytime.

Animal Crossing - Blathers by r3nisa on DeviantArt
Animal Crossing - Blathers by r3nisa on DeviantArt (Christina Wood)
To get a museum, you have to convince Blathers. Yes, Blathers is back with a brand new museum that's curated with your donations of fish, bugs and. Animal Crossing players can contribute to Blathers Museum by bringing donations of missing species of fish, insects, fossils, and works of art.

To get a museum, you have to convince Blathers.

Titles in the series follow the player character as they live in a village populated by anthropomorphic animals.

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Animal Crossing Memes Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Video Game Art Video Games New Leaf Fire Emblem Best Games Bowser Pikachu. However, in older Animal Crossing games, Blathers already had his museum set up in your town With New Horizons tasking you to build a community from scratch, how do you invite Blathers to your. Blathers the owl is a bright one who runs the museum pretty much by himself.